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April 3, 2012

Gmail's YouTube Lightbox

When an email message includes includes links to YouTube videos, Gmail shows a gadget that lets you watch the videos inside Gmail. The YouTube preview feature graduated from Gmail Labs two years ago.

Gmail now tests another interface for previewing YouTube videos, but it only works for YouTube's email digests. When you click one of the thumbnails from the newsletter, Gmail shows the YouTube player in a "lightbox". For some reason, this only works when the "Apps Search" lab feature is enabled.

{ Thanks, Emanuele. }


  1. ooh. i just noticed it yesterday when i clicked a video link in the youtube digest. i hope they expand it to all video links!

  2. I can not get advertises on my blog home . Can anyone please suggest me what to do?

  3. Hope this one will work better than earlier one.


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