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April 24, 2012

Google Drive's Folder View

Google Drive added a new way to view the files from a folder. Just right-click the folder, select "open folder" and you'll be able to preview and edit files, while still seeing the list of files. The nice thing is that the files are cached and you can quickly switch between them without reloading the files.

You can use this feature to compare documents, edit two documents simultaneously or preview the files from a folder shared with you. The sidebar can be minimized by clicking the small arrow icon and you'll still be able to click file icons.

{ Thanks, Jérôme. }


  1. nice view. but if it is integrated with google docs?

  2. Nice feature ! Very useful when working on a project with different files.

  3. Nice, however it would be nice to be able to sort the files other than alphabetically.

  4. Is this rolling out in waves? I may be dense (? :) but I tried this in both Chrome and Firefox browsers with my Google Drive and there is no option to Open Folder.

    Tried right clicking the folder both at the left column and where the folder is shown amongst all the files (main section) and neither worked :(

  5. Yeah, it looks nice but it does need sort and search tools. Especially search, its Google. Imagine if you have many files. You have to scroll around? No good.

  6. yeah, needs search and is sort of confusing for most people to navigate.

    1. Check out this new view.

  7. One possible solution to integrate Google Sites and Google Drive is MetaDrive. You can take a look here

    This tool allow users to display a Drive Folder in Google Sites with advance capabilites like browse, search and custom metadata

    I hope this help you.


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