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April 24, 2012

Google Docs Tests Quick Apply Feature

There's a really cool feature that could be available soon in Google Docs. Just press Alt+/ or click the "?" icon from the toolbar and you can type a few letter from the name of a Google Docs command and select it. For example, you can type "in" and select "increase indent" or "insert row above". It's much faster than finding the command in the Google Docs menus.

You can try the new feature using this template (update: the document has been removed). Just click "use this template" and you'll create a new document that opens in an updated version of the Google Docs editor.

{ Thanks, Jediah. }


  1. This version also allows you to add and remove fonts to your document.

  2. yeah. the font thing is bad ass. How soon is soon? Is there a way to get this new edit full-time? thanks.

  3. thaks for sharing alex.. awesome feature nevertheless

  4. What a shame it would have been a great feature, one I would have used.


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