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April 20, 2012

Share Embedded Images From a Gmail Message Using Google+

Google+ was built around sharing content and that's its main purpose, so many Google products started to provide a unified sharing experience powered by Google+.

Gmail allows you to share image attachments with other Google+ users by clicking the "Share" link, but what about the embedded images from a message? Now you can share them by mousing over the images and clicking the "share" button.

How to insert images into a Gmail message? Just drag and drop the images from your favorite file manager. It should work in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox, assuming that you haven't disabled the rich text mode.

{ Thanks, Enrico. }


  1. Yes that's very nice, and I know about this past few months and I use this facility...

  2. As a user, my experience using social networks for a couple of years now is that the behavior of the user is changing. Before we shared everything to a much larger group and now we are being more personal. This shows that social networks need to contain two different components. Google+ is on the right track, dividing sharing into circles. But networks need to engage the user in more levels. One example is the profile page that is a static page today. It could be more like a personal hub for that users. Visitors to a profile page could be shown information like employment, age and birthday etc. But also slideshows of images of the user, pinned items a´la pinterest, timeline of the users life and more. When a user is logged in and viewing their own profile page.. it could show 5 recent messages in gmail, 5 recent stories from google reader, 5 recent videos from youtube etc.

  3. Gmail just gets better and better - gradually coming up to date

  4. awesome tips.. thanks alex :-) but i'm not a fan of google plus yet, let take a look at how far it will go

  5. Google should have an alternative to Wikpedia. Paid editors and monetized with adsense and offers. Google knowledge

    1. Look up shakespeare Google knowledge and get a offer for biografi about shakespeare.

  6. I think google will not go to Wikipedia type direction... they are more biz centric.. even if they do that, the ads may not be adsense...


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