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March 20, 2013

New Gmail Shortcuts for Composing Messages

Gmail's new interface for composing messages has some cool keyboard shortcuts:

* Shift+Esc - focus the main window
* Esc - focus the latest chat or compose box
* Ctrl+. - advance to the next chat or compose box
* Ctrl+, - advance to the previous chat or compose box
* Ctrl+Enter - send message
* Ctrl+Shift+c - add CC recipients
* Ctrl+Shift+b - add BCC recipients
* Ctrl+Shift+f - add custom from

These shortcuts are displayed when you mouse over some buttons from the rich-text editor:

* Ctrl+Shift+2 - insert emoticon
* Ctrl+Shift+7 - numbered list
* Ctrl+Shift+8 - bulleted list
* Ctrl+Shift+9 - quote text
* Ctrl+[ - indent less
* Ctrl+] - indent more
* Ctrl+Shift+l - align left
* Ctrl+Shift+e - align center
* Ctrl+Shift+r - align right

You can see the entire list of shortcuts by pressing Shift+? in the Gmail window.

{ Thanks, Cougar. }


  1. Nice! I like Ctrl+Enter to send message. I think it used to be Tab+Enter which I never liked.

    I wonder if Ctrl+Shift+2 and then using the arrow keys will select the emoticon (I'm on my Nexus 10 so I can't try it out at the moment).

  2. Tab+Enter was the shortcut because Tab would move the focus from the text field to the Send button. Personally I would prefer Shift+Enter as I am more used to it, but oh well.

  3. I wonder why these things didn't happen when I tried them.

  4. Phew.. Thanks, was searching for these shortcuts :)

  5. I enable my shortcuts in gmail and tried the center, left and right align shortcut and they don't work? Am I missing something?

  6. Noticed a small error: it's CTRL+Shift+8 for a bulleted list, CTRL+Shift+7 for a numbered one.

    Thanks for this article!!! I can finally access some of the most common text editing features again.


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