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March 3, 2013

"Try These Too" in Google Image Search

Google Image Search has a new feature that shows a list of 7 related images when you select a result. The section is called "try these too" and is a clever way to integrate the similar images feature. Click one of the related images and it will replace the original result. The first image from the list is always the original search result, so you can always go back to that image.

If you want to find a more comprehensive list of similar images, click "more sizes", then click the "More sizes" dropdown and select "Visually similar".


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Alex -- you know what I would love to see in Google Images? The ability to find images in the public domain as a subset of the images returned for a particular search result.

    Any idea if that's gonna be happening anytime soon?

    1. You can restrict the results to Creative Commons images. Check the advanced image search page.

    2. Actually, that filter also includes public domain images:

  2. this was an crazy update.. Google rocks


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