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March 2, 2013

Google's Mobile Image Search Adds Infinite Scrolling

I'm not sure if this is an experiment or a feature that's currently rolled out. Google Image Search for mobile has a new interface that replaces pagination with infinite scrolling, just like the desktop interface. You can see a lot more images without having to swipe and it's much easier to find great search results. Another difference is that thumbnails no longer have the same size.

Google also added an option to "scroll to top", but this is more useful if you use Android. iOS has a built-in feature that scrolls to the top of the page (or the current view) when you tap the status bar.

When you select an image result, you'll probably see a new interface that focuses on the image and makes it more obvious that you can swipe right/left to check to other results. The browser's address bar is no longer displayed and the image is slightly smaller.

Unfortunately, just like the new desktop image search, the redesigned mobile interface replaces snippets with page titles and removes file sizes (in bytes, not pixels). The most important missing feature is the link to the full-size image. The image is actually loaded in the background and replaces Google's thumbnail, so you can still long press the image and use browser features that let you save the image or open it in a new tab.

Here's the old interface:

And here's a side-by-side comparison (old vs new):


  1. I like the new look but the interface is terrible!! Not being able to open images by clicking on them is a very big hindrance to my work!! I don't mind the sliding but do I have to see the previous and next images on both sides!!! It reduces the viewing size of the image I wanted google to change the interface and make it more fluid but it seems they just have no thought as to what the customer was going to do!! As an artist seeing reference images is a major part of my work even if it is via mobile I have to view it clearly! I absolutely adore the desktop design but it seems they were sleeping when they made the mobile ui!! Google Y U No understand how person use mobile to check images!! Instead of optimising it and using all the features it seems you made something that handicaps the user from even looking at the image properly!! D,:

  2. The lack of full size option is a real turn down , Time to say bye to google mobile images till they fix it . It was really least expected.