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March 14, 2013

Google Reader Data Points

It's hard to estimate the number of Google Reader users, but here are some data points:

- the most popular feed has more than 24 million subscribers (CNN):

- the second most popular feed has 6.6 million subscribers (Engadget):

- the third most popular feed has 1.7 million subscribers (NY Times)

- Google's official blog had 100,000 subscribers in 2007 and now it has about 353,000 subscribers

- had 42,000 subscribers in 2008 and now it has 148,000 subscribers.

- according to FeedBurner, 87% of the subscribers to this blog's feed use Google Reader or iGoogle. Google Reader says that this blog has 115,035 subscribers, while the total number of subscribers is 144,173. Here are the FeedBurner stats (the green lines show the number of subscribers):

Here's the Google Trends chart for [google reader]:


  1. This is the way to reverse Google's decision. Show them the numbers.

    I'm sure they are only viewing pageviews, and not:
    - counting api calls made by third party apps
    - comparing currint user base with the actual market size (not so many users use RSS worldwide)

    They are simply underestimating the power & control they have on this market by being the central point of sync.

    Maybe this is only a bout how to monetize the product. I would easily pay 1 to5 bucks a month to keep the service running.

    1. ^ this!!!

      I have many friends that doesn't know what RSS/Read is, but they love it after telling them. You have a big market and potential.

      Marketing myopia coming!

  2. Do not kill the Google Reader! That would be very Dumb!

  3. Sign the petition:

  4. they are only seeing $$$$ so it does not feed them enough ?

  5. so everyone should subscribe to CNN...?

  6. I'm about to give up on the Internet. Gah.

  7. Google Reader Android app has 1-5 million downloads.

    I noticed that it can not be found using search anymore.

  8. I am annoyed at all the products Google keeps dropping.

    You can't force people to use Google+, Google. You will just end up alienating users like Microsoft has. You may, however, make it easy for smaller software companies to start making some money.

  9. At least just let Google REader continue to exist in its current iteration. Or sell it to someone else. But Reader is integral to how I read my news. Every other app SUCKS compared. They are too flashy. I have too much content to read, reader lets me quickly and easily see what I want and then read it. Flipboard, Currents, etc. are all way to complex.

  10. I use Reader EVERYDAY! It is how I keep up with all of my news on the Internet. Now what am I going to do???

  11. July 1 may be the day they kill Google Reader but it will also be the day I kill my Google+ account. #cancelplusday

  12. These numbers show why they want to kill it off: that's all traffic that they hope will divert to/through Google+.

    I suspect that they underestimated two things:

    1. The backlash they would get from the small (in Google's terms) but dedicated group of users who rely on the app to stay informed.
    2. The willingness of other providers to jump into the void left by Reader's demise (Digg, etc).

    These are users Google will simply lose to other services, not ones that plus will gain.

    1. Lost me as a Google Reader yesterday. I exported my feeds from Reader, and imported them into Firefox → Extension Brief

      Best replacement I found so far (and your data stays with you)!

    2. Brief is a client, it cannot sync or read continuously without you having it on, so while it may suffice for you, it is in no way an actual replacement.

  13. Alex - I think you might be unknowingly misguiding people. The chart you showed for Google Reader - is not its USAGE, but its SEARCH trend i.e. the Term 'Google Reader' was searched less often lately. However, its usage has increased considerably.

    I have been a highly active user of Google Reader. However, I've never searched for 'Google Reader' in the past 5 years.

  14. Don't forget the self-reported user trends from Google Reader's blog post:


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