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March 9, 2013

Google Now Topics

Update: two days later, it no longer works.

Google Now has a cool feature that shows useful results for the topics you've recently explored using Google Search. Now you can find all the topics if you visit this page. Unfortunately, the links to the topic pages only work from an Android device.

It's likely that Google notices when you're clicking a lot of search results and refine your query multiple times and creates a new topic. Google automatically classifies topics and it lets you filter the topics by time. Google Now Topics could be a modern version of Google Alerts if Google added more notification options.

{ Thanks, Florian. }


  1. It works on desktop too. Anyway, all this was on the History page of Google+

  2. Is this why the Youtube search results are horrendously broken and returning invalid unrelated results that do not contain your search query in any way shape or form?

  3. Doesn't work even on Android Chrome...

  4. Returns Error: NOT_FOUND for me :(

  5. 404 on Nexus 7 Chrome. Looks like a cool feature.

  6. I had this working, now it's 404 mia. Has this stopped for everybody else too?


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