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October 6, 2013

Google Promotes Its Search Engine in... Chrome

This is really weird. Google started to show a blue bar at the top of the search results pages: "Get to Google faster. Make Google your default search engine". The funny thing is that I got this message in Chrome.

Chrome used to show a dialog that asked you to pick your favorite search engine when you installed the browser. Now it no longer does this and Google is the default search engine. Anyway, it's likely that Google is the default search engine for most Chrome users.

I clicked "Show me how" and Google sent me to this page with instructions that explained how to change the search provider to Google and how to change the homepage to Google.

Google has similar pages for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. In most countries, the default search engine for Firefox, Safari and Opera is Google, so it's strange to see this campaign.

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  1. Not much I would write about it because I have learned the usage from the above video, which is quite simple. The program is essentially divided into three panels. On the first we set the search criteria, on the second page the search engine settings and on the third we can analyze the results. sober living ny


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