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August 28, 2006

Why a Corporate Google Office Won't Be Successful

After Google launched a corporate package that includes mail, calendar and Page Creator, the question that rises is: will they be successful?

I think Google will only be successful with their program for schools and will have a moderate success only for small organizations.

Why? Businesses don't want to lose control over their information. Storing mails, documents, web pages on Google servers sounds tempting, but businesses want predictability and control. They'll also fear that Google's services aren't that reliable (Gmail has problems daily) and their image will suffer. "I couldn't answer you mail, dear client. Gmail was down for about an hour."

A solution like Page Creator is useful for students that want to have a personal page, but a small business won't be satisfied with such limited options.

Then there's the problem of privacy. A compromised Google Account might result in the disclosure of a lot of sensitive data. Google also has the right to close an account without giving any explanation. Furthermore, revealing to much data about your business to Google would seem unacceptable to many people.

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