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August 20, 2006

Google's Master Plan

Maybe we should stop trying to guess the next Google services. What's next for Google is right here on a big whiteboard from their GooglePlex. The photo was taken last year by Niall Kennedy and includes a small part from their master plan. As you can see many projects that don't have a tick in the whiteboard have been launched.

A bigger and more comprehensive image is available here, but it's not very clear.

As you can see, there are a lot of verticals and new domains: travel, health, TV, games, reviews, marketplace, dating, real estate, jobs, mortgage, pets, music and many ambitious projects like redesigning TCP/IP, and HTTP and creating a new generation of web based on BitTorrent.

Other pieces from the puzzle (half jokes, half serious projects):


  1. Haha. I love this.
    I think it's that attitude towards the world and their company that makes Google look like such a friendly face, and probably contributes to their success.

  2. By the way, this is board is a joke created by Google employees ....
    As per :

  3. I think it's far from a joke. Some things are crazy or hilarious, but there's always some subtle truth behind them.

  4. i really don't care if it's true or not! i want a job at google :D

  5. true, in a job at google, you could use your creativity to the greatest extent, and create the coolest things imaginable. Good times indeed.

  6. I saw also a video of this an one of the big "G" projects was GOVERNMENT CONTROL :D i hope to find the video and post it here. Grat blog ;)
    I would see all the projects!

  7. is all it leads to at the end world domination

  8. they will invade the web!!!


  9. don't forget

    Gmail was probably a crazy joke on that board at one stage

    so too free Wireless internet hotspots

  10. Did you see the movie "Master Plan - About the Power of Google" ?

  11. Humm get out your bible and take a look around. This world is coming to an end. Stuff like this, one world government, "big brother" its all real. This stuff isn't a joke at all. It's simply control and loss of freedom. It's mind blowing, but its going to get worse. Very scary thing. For those who care, and don't take this lightly, dig more into it. Compare to the way the world is, it'll will change your views.

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