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August 28, 2006

A New Breed Of Spam

Who said spam can't be interesting? A new breed of spam hit my mail box. They aren't the usual mails that claim they'll help solve your medical problems or win a lot of money. Not at all: they contain excerpts from famous books. I could read texts from Stendhal, Galsworthy and they are very good.

"Yes, old man, I've been washing them ever since, but I cant get them clean. The first remark from Smither confirmed the uneasiness which had taken him forth.
It was HERE we came on your mother, Jon, and our stars were crossed.
She could call tomorrow, of course, openly at Green Street, and probably NOT see him. Could so short a sound mean so much, say so much, be so startling?"

As any quality content has a price, the mail comes with an ad attached as an image: it tells me to buy stocks from PPTL. I'll take that into account the next time I'll decide to make investments.

The mail was marked as spam by Gmail and didn't come alone. All the mails had he text from the Project Gutenberg, albeit they had some parsing errors. Another interesting thing is that the phrases are in random order, so it's pretty hard to make up something meaningful.

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