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January 24, 2007

Google Shows Really Big Checkout Buttons

This year Google has a big mission: make Google Checkout successful. They tried a lot of things: making payment processing free for sellers in 2007, giving $10 to anyone who uses the service for the first time, integrating with Froogle and showing small icons next to the ads for products that can be bought using Google Checkout.

Now Google tests something that will definitely attract your attention, in case you were not aware of this Checkout thing: replacing the small icons with big buttons under the Google ads.

Here's an incomplete evolution of the way Google promotes Checkout in the AdWords section:

{ Thank you, Ted P. }

Update (February 13): Google announces that the big badges are here to stay. "We expect the new image to help shoppers more easily identify Google Checkout merchants. We're also putting the shopping cart badge on ads in the Google advertising network."

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