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February 12, 2007

Information about your Computer

SIW (System Information for Windows) is a free* software that shows a lot of information about your computer. Most of the data can be obtained by running different tools included in Windows, but this program displays everything in one place.

You'll get information about the operating system and the installed patches, the software licenses, drivers, Windows services, codecs, open files, saved passwords, hardware information (motherboard, CPU, memory, video card, ports) and some useful tools (like Eureka, that reveals passwords from some applications).

The software doesn't require setup, so you can copy it to your USB drive and use it when your uncle Dan says there's something wrong with his computer. You can export all the data in different formats and use the program from the command-line.

* The software is free (as in "free beer") for personal use.


  1. Really a very excellent software. Exposes each and every nook and corner of the computer. I wish it had the option of uninstalling or removing the programs/files, that are shown by the software. (sumthin lik RegCleanr)
    Thanx Alex

  2. Thanks for review. Really good tool.

  3. WOW!! - Super-Excellent program! Belongs in every geek's bag-of-tricks. This is a great program for finding forgotten passwords and product keys - a sure way to delight (and frighten) your friends!
    If Google was not giving it away, it would easily sell for big bucks on eBay as a "Black-Boot" CD collection of hacks & utilities.
    The one way they could make it better: Offer an easy "Right-Click-Delete" feature and a "mouse-over" way to show exactly what those secretly-named & coded programs and resource/battery-hogs are actually for (asp.exe, etc) & spyware protection on a machine that never sees the internet, for example.
    This program is definitely worth checking out!!

  4. If you share your cpu with others such as family members this program
    will identify user passwords by just clicking on the secrets item in the menu section,think about this one for a minute or two!

  5. Did anyone ever try to remove the program after it has been used ? on my machine it did restart itself in the background and refused to be deleted. not what i would like to see from a well behaving application :(

  6. How to remove it? Close it and delete it.

    If you share your cpu with others such as family members this program
    will identify user passwords by just clicking on the secrets item.

    Everything listed there is available from other problems. For example, unless you have a master password, your Firefox passwords are available in clear in Firefox (Options/ Security/ Show passwords). If other members of your family use the same computer, create different accounts for them, and the program won't show YOUR passwords, but THEIR passwords.

  7. Alex, if you are interested try the followong sequence. run it .. use the advanced network option the task manager ... shut it down (kill) and try to delete the app ?

    kind regards bernd

  8. Yes, Bernd. I did what you said, I killed siw.exe from the Task Manager and then I could delete the file. Maybe it unloads slower on your computer or something prevents it to close.

  9. Wow! Lifehacker also found this. It took them only 3 days. Amazing.

  10. If Google was not giving it away...

    SIW is not affiliated with Google or Google Operating System.

  11. Of course, Gabriel. I never said it was developed by Google (it should've been on

  12. well I still don't understand anything about the computers.But i know a few things about it a little bit. all that i am saying is to makes this sound like more sense so people can understand about the computer(s)