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June 23, 2007

Google Numbers & Facts

Some facts about Google, from the Press Day event that took place in Paris this week, captured by Tony Ruscoe.


* When Google started we indexed 25,000 web pages - today we index billions. Each time we index the web it's grown by 10 to 25%.

* As the web grows, search becomes more important. It's like a library - the bigger the library, the more important the index.

* 20 to 25% of Google queries have never been searched before.

* Google's PageRank algorithm uses more than 200 signals to determine the rank of a website.

* iGoogle was our fastest growing product last year (2006). People have personalized their iGoogle homepages with over 10,000 free gadgets.


* The Google Book Search index includes books in over 90 languages.

* Google's machine translation service is available in 12 languages.

* Google operates in 112 languages including Breton, Reto-Romanic, Catalan, Kurdish, Frisian and Gaelic.

* Universities in Rwanda, Kenya, Japan, Egypt, Ireland, the Ukraine, Michigan and Arizona are all using Google Apps for Education.

Corporate culture

* In 2007 Google gave free bicycles to all its employees in Europe.

* Google's San Francisco shuttle bus service is the biggest of any company in the area. One shared car provides as much transportation as 20 privately owned cars.

* Google has the largest corporate solar panel installation in the US.


* Of the $10.6bn Google generated in revenue last year, $3bn was handed back to our publishing partners through AdSense.

* In the first quarter of this year Google generated over $1bn in revenues from our partners.


  1. Good for them - promoting bicycles and car sharing. :)

  2. google is way beyond others,really amazed by their growth and work practices

  3. Google consists of over 450,000 servers, racked up in clusters located in data centers around the world.