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June 12, 2007

Unlimited Number of Tabs in iGoogle

Google's personalized homepage* removed the strange limit that let you add only six tabs. The performance doesn't decrease if you add too many tabs because each time you click on a tab it's like opening a new web page. By default, Google loads the most popular gadgets related to the title of a tab, so you don't have to browse the directory to add new feeds and gadgets. A cool way to find new gadgets and to preview them is the Gadget Preview Browser.

Now when you try to add a gadget from outside, there's a new page that offers related gadgets and an option to "see this gadget when you visit". I wonder what that means.

* When iGoogle was called "Google Personalized Homepage", I wanted a shorter name. Now iGoogle sounds too flaccid to be taken seriously.


  1. Wow, talk about buggy. Once you add more tabs than the screen will fit, it makes a big scrollbar that covers all the tabs so they're not even readable. Well, at least in Firefox on a PC, it does.

  2. call me stupid but I still haven't figured out how to actually remove a tab again once I don't want it anymore. How to do?

  3. It's not that hard, but it's not obvious either. Select the tab you want to remove, then click on its title again. Now you can rename the tab or delete it.

  4. Don't know if anyone else mentioned this; at some point it dawned on me that maybe they were pondering the "iGoogle" name all along, since the URL was

  5. More discussion about the iGoogle name.

    Michael: << I think they should leave it as Personalised Homepage, you immediately know what it does from the name. iGoogle will go out of fashion. Remember when everybody was obsessed with lowercase e? eLearning, eBanking etc... That's just so 1990s now. >>

    Dave: << Ugh, hate the iGoogle name too - trying to figure out where I can complain directly to Google. Not only is it cliched, it's also unintuitive! Why would I as a user want to click a link called "iGoogle"? >>

    Paul: << To me the name iGoogle is childish. It appears to be targeted at the no brain kids that like sites like bebo etc. >>

  6. i would have to say about iGoogle; is that unfortunately they lowered to masses... like the one guy said, eThis, and eThat went out of style a long time ago, but unfortunately, MOST of the world are STILL computer illiterate, and for the time being it would make sense for google to use something that the unfortunate mass majority still knows.. :\
    atleast tahts my theory on why they went with the name. I myself i dont like it "iGoogle" i do however thing personalized homepage was a little long.. but... whatever. it still does a good job at what it does, right?

  7. I have added more than 20 tabs, now the things are not rendering in whole screen but in a small vertical area at right side of screen. How to solve this problem. For your kind information I am using Linux-Fedora-5 with mozilla.

    Ankit Jain

  8. May I know where exactly is the "tab" on the igoogle homepage for removing the unwanted added stuff. Thank you.

  9. Please tell me how to REMOVE the unwanted "added stuff" from my igoogle homepage? The tabs mentioned by Alex Chitu did not decribe WHERE is this tab shown on the igoogle homepage. Perhaps google should tell people how to remove the unwanted stuff and not just adding only on the "add stuff" title.

  10. Gadgets can be removed by clicking the Tab and selecting Edit Tab.. here you will see a list of all stuff you have and it has a remove option


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