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June 22, 2007

Translate Words with Google's Bilingual Dictionaries

Google has a powerful translation tool that lets you translate a web page or a text, but that's not very useful if you only need to translate a word or an expression. Without entering a context, Google shows the most plausible translation, but a word can have multiple translations.

To overcome this problem, Google launched a bilingual dictionary that lets you enter an English word and get the translations in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean or enter a word in of those 5 languages and get the English translation.

Google also shows related phrases, but it would be nice to see more contexts. "Some of these related phrases will show idiomatic usages of the word or short phrase that you entered, while others will be examples of your word or short phrase being used in its literal meaning."

If you enter a word in one of the supported languages, but you don't know the language, Google offers some options at the bottom of the page.

Google Toolbar also has a feature that lets you translate English words on a web page into another language by hovering your mouse cursor over a word, while Google's define: operator gives you access to definitions from all over the Web.

{ Thank you, Zack. }


  1. Seems pretty good, but it's a little patchy. Try translating "colour" into French - apparently that word doesn't exist, but can be translated into German and Italian. I had to change the spelling to American English to get the translation.

  2. Nice! Now it would be great if they started to support more languages just like babelfish does :-)

  3. Translate my comment!! :-)

    Esiste un gadget per iGoogle che si collgea a per le traduzioni da/all' inglese: ebbene, conosce molto più parole degli strumenti per le lingue di google...

    Continuate così, comunque!! Siete Forti!!!


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