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June 7, 2007

Picasa2Flickr - Upload Photos from Picasa to Flickr

One of the most important advantages of Picasa Web Albums compared to Flickr is that it's easy to upload photos and to download photo albums if you use Google's photo organizer, Picasa.

Picasa2Flickr is an open source plugin for Picasa that lets you upload photos to Flickr. You can just select some photos from your albums, click on "Send to Flickr" and a small dialog will let you enter some information about your photos: tags, privacy options, the name of a set.

The plugin uses Flickr's authentication API, so you'll enter your credentials in a browser, without passing them to the application.

{ Thank you, Andrew. }


  1. great find. I absolutely love the idea. Flickr has various disadvantages as compared to picasa web albums. The biggest is picasa s/w. Flickr does not have offline or online tools (except that silly uploader) to do interesting things. my favorite picasa feature is collage.

  2. Flickr is banned in CHina recently, also inlcude:,,,, etc. But I'm curious why I can upload images to PICASA. it's gloomy.

  3. This tool is based on an external website which hosts a CGI script which posts your photos on Flickr.

    Therefore, all your photos are going through an unknown website ...

    Just to let you know !

  4. tomv you're wrong !
    Picasa only posts an XML feed to the server. Let me explain the process:
    - picasa posts an XML feed that contains the photos' URL
    - the cgi produces a page that holds the java applet and the photos URL
    - the applet locally loads the photos and upload them to flickr

    My server will never see your photos, and it's a chance for me ! I don't want to pay for a 1gbs line :)

  5. flickr sucks. No support for album to free user. PWA is the best.

  6. there's something similar for photobucket?
    i really love photobucket (it make automatically Thumbnail, generate html and img codes, exc) but i love picasa software too...
    i don't like picasa album beacuse it don't have the "webmaster feauture" of photobucket

  7. I totally need this thing.

    and to the previous commenters about flickr... The best thing about flickr is that for $20 a year. I can upload nearly unlimited photos at big enough size to allow for friends and family to download and print full size pictures. And best of all if you stop the pro account, which allows you to upload more photos per month, the pictures stay there forever. I great way to have a second copy of pictures archived in good enough quality for printing and stuff...

  8. help, i can´t install


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