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June 11, 2007

Apple Releases Safari for Windows

Apple launched a beta version for Safari 3 for both Mac and Windows XP/Vista. Apple claims that Safari is "the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world" and that it loads pages two times faster than Internet Explorer. Because Safari has a Mac interface it's hard to argue that the browser is easy to use for a Windows user. This beta version is not very stable, so you may experience frequent crashes.

For a browser that claims to be the most innovative in the world, Safari doesn't bring too many new features: private browsing that lets you pause the web history, resizable text fields, clever inline find, progress bar included in the address field.

I also don't understand how a company that promotes elegance and simplicity tries to install QuickTime with all their software and bundles Bonjour, a service that detects shared devices on your local network, with a browser.

But the most important thing is that web developers can test their sites in Safari without buying a Mac or using a service like Browsrcamp and more sites will support Safari.


  1. > But the most important thing
    > is that web developers can
    > test their sites in Safari
    > without buying a Mac or using
    > a service like Browsrcamp

    Unfortunately not, as the rendering of Mac Safari differs from the Win Safari version. (I used to check.)

  2. I saw this too, and didn't think that there were many "groundbreaking features" - the Private Browsing is nice, and aside from that, the only "big" feature that Firefox doesn't have (though it's easily added with the All-in-One Gestures extension) is the duplicate window feature.

    I might just try it out one day or another, and I have to agree that it was somewhat sneaky of them to put in the "Download Safari + Quicktime" option as the default.


  3. It seemed weird at first as I use Macs and PCs but never, ever IE.

    I like it so far - is this please oh please a step closer to G OS???

  4. I'll stick to for my website testing.

    If this browser wants to have a viable chance at taking some of the PC industry, it needs to offer either more features or an extensibility platform. I'm assuming that since they're calling it a beta, it's feature complete. That's not a good thing for Apple.

  5. it's a good news for me. because i want self testing the browser compatibility..

    thank's for up this news.

  6. get
    font smoothing

    Arggggggh! terrible looking

  7. itunes runtime error, after installing...!!!

  8. will the in-browser google talk chat function work in safari? or do we have to use firefox??

  9. The Google Talk Gadget available at works in Safari. Gmail Chat doesn't work yet.

  10. Thanks for the info and thanks to Philipp Lenssen for dropping the link of that amazing service,

    I was looking for something like that from a long time to test my designs.

  11. I hate to burst any bubbles about mac or safari lovers but heh here is a good read.

    Beta News - 'Day one' for Safari for windowsbecomes Zero-Day Nightmare

    it took 2 hours to bust open in quite possibly the worst way possible. And they boast security.....

  12. I downloaded this today and I had huge problems. It was more like an alpha rather than a beta.
    I got no text available, I couldn't type in URL's and when I clicked on the button of a bug (supposedly a bug report link) it almost crashed my computer.
    I think they have just a little more work to do.

  13. I had all my dislikes voiced out at my blog. I'm lazy to have to type them here again.

  14. This beta version is not very stable, so you may experience frequent crashes.

    Oh no, these aren't problems with Safari. Safari is made by Apple and hence is perfect. The crashes are caused by Microsoft and its inadequate Windows operating system... ;)

  15. I can't get Safari to work on WIndows XP SP2. It just crashes. I havewn't been able to find a solution to this. It seems that it starts up for some and just crashes for others. I can't evaluate something that doesn't even work except to say that it's crap. Even a Beta should at least start up and do the most fundamental functions...

  16. It sucks bigtime - I installed it and now poof - no more gmail. I uninstalled it and still gmailess..... $*@^#(@^^!@%!*&
    Does anyone know how to get out of this horrible mess???


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