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June 13, 2007

Google Analytics Restores Missing Features

Google Analytics polished its offering by adding some small new features. Now you can actually click on the external pages from the reports, so you don't have to build the URLs from scratches.

The same reports let you see up to 500 rows, like in the previous version of Google Analytics, while the reports related to visitors restored the per-hour view.

Other updates include:
* It's now easier to add an AdWords account to an existing Google Analytics account.

* Bounce rates measurements have had their colors changed for visual consistency. A decrease in bounce rate is now colored green to match other positive changes, while an increase in bounce rate is colored red like other negative changes.

* Cross-segmenting by Network Location has been added to the standard list of segmentation options throughout the interface.

The new interface lets you see more information at a glance, but also drill down more effectively in the reports. It will be interesting to see if Google decides to release a new version targeted to blogs (that expands Measure Map and adds FeedBurner reports for feeds) or Google Analytics will integrate everything in a single package.


  1. "Restores" means the features were already there once, is that what you meant?

  2. Yes, the features that were available in the previous version were hourly reports and 500 lines per report. At least that's what I remember.


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