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November 27, 2007

New Terrain Layer in Google Maps

There's a new tab in Google Maps: "terrain". The view combines street maps with visual information about terrains. Elevation data is not limited to geographic features like mountains, but it's also displayed for buildings.

The satellite view adds data from the hybrid view (street names, city names, roads), but you have the option to hide it.

{ Thanks, Rodney. }


  1. Not 100% accurate. Check airport runways.

  2. Neat. Good work. It is frustrating however that it is only pretty-looking at this point. In order to actually be useful, it needs to display lat/long and the all important contour lines. Terrain is not very useful without elevation values.

    It would be wonderful to go to Google maps, hit terrain zoom all the way in for the lat/long/contour lines and hit print.

  3. i like it. definitely adds to the mapping experience.

  4. Here is some Terrain views on Google Maps.

  5. Do you live in France, Ionut? :-)

  6. Not quite useful for any real live purposes but very aesthetic to view. This feature gives my atlas a hard time.