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December 4, 2007

The Fastest Rising Google Queries in 2007

Google released the traditional list of popular queries from the year that is about to end. As usually, Google doesn't list the top queries because they're pretty boring and don't change to much (e.g.: weather), but instead it includes the queries that had an impressive evolution and really represent the zeitgeist (spirit of the time).

The fastest rising query in 2007 was iPhone (trend), the mobile device from Apple that a had a big impact this year. Social networks and online video sites were very popular this year: the most notable new entry is Badoo (trend), "a multi-lingual London based, social networking website, offering its users the ability to connect with people at a local and global level, to share photos and videos with friends, to create reportages of their lives, and to promote themselves and their work." Facebook (trend) is another winner, as it managed to launch a successful platform for applications and find a way to monetize its service. Webkinz toys (trend) were also popular this year, the same as virtual worlds: Second Life for adults and Club Penguin for kids (trends).

It's clear that the all these queries have something to do with communicating and sharing (by phone, instant messaging, by sharing videos, interacting with your friends or creating a virtual world).


  1. The post said "Badoo" is a social network.

  2. Am I the only one noticing the spelling, "suduko"? Should it not be "Sudoku"?

    Cheers for a fun blog to read. :-)

  3. and 2 girls 1 cup?

  4. Link problem: the facebook trend link points to the iphone trend page. all others are correct.

  5. Google trends / zeitgeist is amazing - such a volume of data so easily accessible to the masses! I tried some permutations of windows mobile / smart phone to see if those search trends could hold a candle to the iPhone trends - flat line, nada, zippo - dwarfed! However, the trend for "phone" successfully beat out iPhone consistently, although "cell phone" was only marginally successfull. :)

  6. Congratulation to DailyMotion !