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December 30, 2007

2007 Metrics

Last year, when I posted some stats for this blog, I didn't realize that many blogs do that. These stats aren't very important to me, but I'll still post some numbers that could reflect the evolution of this blog. The stats are provided by Google Analytics and FeedBurner.

Unique visitors: 3,977,796 (5,217,234 visits)
Pageviews: 7,704,133

Top referrals:
1. google [search results]: 53.12%
2. direct: 10.32%
3. 8.46%
4. [referral]: 7.75%
5. yahoo [search results]: 1.65%
(followed by:,,,,

Top countries:
1. US: 45.40%
2. UK: 8.10%
3. Canada: 5.44%
4. India: 4.27%
5. Australia: 2.57%
(followed by: Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy)

Top cities:
1. London: 2.68%
2. New York: 1.77%
3. Los Angeles: 0.98%
4. Sydney: 0.88%
5. Chicago: 0.88%
60. Mountain View: 0.24%

Interesting corporate networks:
60. Opera Software ASA (most popular posts: Google Talk for mobile phones, Gmail Mobile Java application)
61. Google Inc. (Google Pack adds StarOffice)
106. Microsoft Corp. (Google Earth Flight Simulator)
217. Cisco Systems Inc. (Google Earth Flight Simulator)
267. Yahoo Inc. (Picasa Web integrates with Google Image Search, Google intends to integrates its social apps)
448. Sun Microsystems Inc. (Google Pack adds StarOffice)
450. Apple Computers (Google Phone, Screnshots of YouTube's new player)

Top browsers:
1. Firefox: 52.55%
2. Internet Explorer: 38.53% (IE7: 50%, IE6: 49.25%)
3. Safari: 4.13%
4. Opera: 3.03%
8. Netscape: 0.13%

Top operating systems:
1. Windows: 85.49% (XP: 84.85%, Vista:9.90%)
2. Mac: 9.10%
3. Linux: 4.63%
4. iPhone: 0.05%
5. FreeBSD: 0.04%
6. SunOS: 0.03%
7. SymbianOS: 0.02%
8. Playstation Portable: 0.02%
9. iPod: 0.01%
10. PalmOS: 0.01%

Top posts from this year:
1. Google Earth Flight Simulator
2. Screnshots of YouTube's new player
3. Google Pack adds StarOffice
4. Google Presently
5. Easter egg in iGoogle

Top posts linked from
1. Plus Box: a new way to look at search results
2. Google Page Creator has a sitemap
3. Google Web History
4. Live Search launches a major update
5. Screenshots of Google Talk's integration with AIM

Feed subscribers: 51,344 (number for Dec. 29)
In February, Google started to report the number of subscribers and that's the explanation for the sudden growth.

Top feed readers:
1. iGoogle/Google Reader: 58%
2. Netvibes: 15%
3. Bloglines: 7%
4. BlogRovR: 4%
5. Firefox Live Bookmarks: 2%
6. Outlook 2007: 2%
7. Newsgator Online: 2%
8. My Yahoo: 1%
9. Windows RSS Platform: 1%
10. Zhuaxia: 1%

There's also a chart that has a questionable ranking system, but people find it valuable: Technorati Top 100. Google Operating System is currently at #67:

Some conclusions: unlike last year, when most of the traffic was artificially inflated by social news sites (most notably, Digg), this year search engines ranked Google Operating System much better (in some cases, inaccurately) and other sites linked to my posts without having to see them at Digg. As usually, popular things are not necessarily better and they don't necessarily reflect the truth.


  1. Hello Ionut!

    Congratulations for your blog! You have 3,977,796 Unique visitors by Day or Month?

    Best Regards!
    RenĂª Fraga

  2. 3,977,796 unique visitors in the entire year. Google Analytics calls this metric "absolute unique visitors".

  3. Congratz Ionut! Keep up the good work in 2008!

    PS: Digg in 2006: 16%, in 2007:8%. Is it because you have more visitors or because there are less people visiting your website via Digg than last year?


    2006: 313,980 visits 16.25%
    2007: 440,504 visits 8.47%

  5. Nice, Ionut! I posted some basic stats for our first birthday on Dec. 1 here,, but I'm planning a full year round-up just after the New Year.

  6. Interesting, Mr. Sullivan. The stats from this blog's second year are similar to Search Engine Land's first year, even if Search Engine Land has a broader audience, more than a single editor, its own domain, offline recognition, a lot more posts etc. That means I'm not doing a such a bad job, after all.

  7. Very good work, keep it up! :) I visit this blog every day if possible.

  8. Unfortunately the unique visitor number is often confused with what other stats software treats as "unique visits" which acts like a session based on the IP file (that is, it times after 30 minutes of inactivity of that IP, and subsequent visits are re-counted). Even Google Analytics got it wrong for some time in some circumstances. Guess our best bet is to call the Analytics thing "Absolute Unique Visitors" but then to also show the "Visits" value of Google.

  9. PS: Quite some heavy traffic you got going Ionut! I just checked, you're among the top 20 sources sending traffic to Google Blogoscoped.

    16. 20,265
    17. 18,917
    18. 18,005

    The #1 traffic sender for Google Blogoscoped is StumbleUpon by the way... followed by Google.

  10. Gongrats! Keep your good stuffs. I'm fan of Google Operating Systems.

  11. the list would be complete if you also post your AdSense earnings! :P

  12. @Guts Beamed:
    No, you'll probably laugh: it's three times bigger than last year, but still laughable. A single 125x125 CPM banner ad would have earned much more (let's say it costs $10 for 1,000 impressions):

    And that's for 125*125=15,625 pixels, while I use 2*300*250=67,500 pixels for AdSense.

  13. Google's official blog announced its numbers:

    * Unique visitors: 6,738,830 (for 8,655,830 visits)
    * Top non-Google referrers: Yahoo, Digg, Slashdot, Fark
    * 83 active company blogs
    * 41,395,926 visitors for all Google blogs

  14. I am the dot in the Rio de Janeiro. :)