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December 18, 2007

Holiday Village, the New Winter Theme for iGoogle

There's a new winter theme in iGoogle: Holiday Village. This mysterious theme has appeared and disappeared for almost a week and many people wondered why Google doesn't release it for everyone. Apparently, Google realized that Christmas isn't far away and the theme should be available in your iGoogle pages.

Here's the description: "watch the snowflakes fall and the lights twinkle in this cozy and quaint alpine village."

If you can't see the theme, you might try to copy this code in your address bar while visiting iGoogle and then press Enter. It seems that not all computers can access the theme's files, so this code could reset the theme to the default one.


You can see more images in this slideshow.

The previous winter theme


  1. Thanks its a nice theme, I like the older one as well.
    I have multiple tabs on my iGoogle page and pasting a different javascript in the address bar allows you to save themes per tab.

  2. Thanks for this... it's just what I was looking for and will get me in the Christmas mood. Cheers!

  3. Not available in the menu in German, but with your tip i can have it :) thank you!
    by the way: now we have this white navigation bar in our german iGoogle.

  4. Yes ! It's great, Google is always nice and simple :)

  5. Why is it that on all the themes the sun rises in the west(left)? Is Google redefining North (top)?

  6. mrspeeb:

    Maybe they took the picture from the North Pole? So they couldn't have looked North if they wanted to.

  7. It would be neat if it actually did this..."watch the snowflakes fall and the lights twinkle in this cozy and quaint alpine village".