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March 14, 2013

Find the Best Translation and Improve Google Translate

Google Translate shows a new message at the bottom of the page: "Would you mind answering some questions to help improve translation quality?" It's not a boring survey, it's actually a great way to test your foreign language skills by picking the best translation.

Here's the link, just in case you can't find it. The URL parameters are only for English to French translations, but you can replace "fr" with "es", "de", "it" or other language code.

{ Thanks, Samuel and Camilo. }


  1. What if both translation options are equally bad? I was testing the feature for En-Ar. Sometimes both options were incorrect.

    1. Basically this, but for En-Pt

    2. If they're both wrong, choose the best one. One of the translations must have fewer mistakes, less serious mistakes. If they're equally bad, choose the third options.

  2. I tried En->De (English-German) and both options were wrong.

  3. Not sure that "...test your foreign language skills" is a good way to put it... This is not a quiz. You should not answer these questions if you're not absolutely sure - the point is to have proper translations, not 'best guesses' !

  4. Google Translate somehow decided that my Flickr page was in Spanish, so it displays it that way and then "translates" most of it back into English. When I look at it every day it is essentially trashed, although other users see it normally. I complain about this every day, but I get the feeling that this is like complaining to General Motors about a spark plug.