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January 30, 2008

Subscribe to Feeds in Google Reader Mobile

MG Siegler reports that the iPhone version of Google Reader has an option to add subscriptions. "Recently the 'Feeds' area welcomed the 'Add subscription' button that you'll recognize from the regular version of the site. Clicking on this button from the iPhone takes you to a 'Discover and search' page where you can search for a new feed or quickly add any of their pre-packaged bundles."

Not everyone has an iPhone and I'm sure this would be a welcome feature in the mobile Google Reader. Fortunately, the feature already exists, even if not in Google Reader, but in the mobile Google Search. To go from Google Reader to Google's homepage, click on "More Google Products" and select Search from the list. If you search the web using Google and click on a search result from a site that has feeds, the feeds are listed at the top. Clicking on a feed, you'll be able to preview it in Google Reader and also subscribe to it.

If you already know the address of a feed, you can use this URL to subscribe to it:<FEED_URL>
(replace <FEED_URL> with the actual URL)

Mobile Google Reader is also a good way to read blogs on a mobile phone


  1. Just a quick FYI. This only works if you have the Format web pages for your phone option turned on in your mobile search options.

  2. Adding to the previous comment, "And that too on Opera (Not using the Nokia Web browser)"

  3. Now, that's one feature that I have been requesting for, for quite a while. I hardly get time to read other blogs while using the desktop since i use the computer in my college. It's normally Opera Mini and my service provider's GRPS service that always comes to the rescue :-P

    Must thank you for this little but very useful info.

  4. I can't see the feeds if I'm logged in with my google account...I have to logout then I can see those feeds...any idea why this is?


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