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January 24, 2008

Save Google Presentations as PDF Files

Google Presently, the poorest member of the Google Docs family, added some new features and they're almost as exciting as the previous update. Now you can finally save your presentation in a decent format: PDF and this is especially useful if you want to print the presentation. To select the number of slides displayed on a page before exporting the presentation, choose the printing option.

Presently also redesigned the rich text editor's toolbar and added a small number of shapes you can insert into your slides: block arrows, circles, bubbles.

While Presently's biggest problem is the poor performance, there are many basic features that are missing: export to PPT, slide master, tables etc.


  1. How about saving your presentation as a Power Point file? Or even as an Open/Star Office Presentation?

    If they can import them (half of the time) why can't they export them?

  2. Not having export to PPT is about the only thing that stops me from using presently. Come on Google what you playing at???

  3. I'd like a LaTeX presentation!


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