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January 25, 2008

Invite Collaborators to Multiple Documents

If you have a lot of documents in Google Docs and you need to collaborate with the same people on all of them, it's pretty tedious to open each document, go to the Share tab, enter the email addresses and choose the right settings. Now you don't have to do this anymore, because there's a new button in the file manager that lets you invite people to collaborate on more than a single document: it's called "Share".

It would be nice to automatically add a certain group of people as collaborators for all the documents from a folder, but that's not currently possible.

{ via Google Docs Blog }


  1. It seems Google removed it. :(

  2. It would be nice if Google had a notion of identity that was a bit more complex. In Drupal, there is the notion of a Role, and this role can then be assigned rights on objects.

    So if Google had the notion of a group, or a role, which you could assign the whole collection to a document, that would be helpful.

    I am not sure that tie-ing the permissions to a folder or director is a great idea. But it is a step forward from everyone being a unique entity.

    I would rather have a XYZcommittee role, and be able to bind several people to the rights. And then when you arrange membership in the committee , you arrange rights for all documents which have the committee bound to it.


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