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January 6, 2008

Multi-Touch Interface for Google Earth

Google Summer of Code Blog mentions about an application created by Pawel Solyga "that allows you to control Google Earth using two finger gestures on [a] multi-touch table". I couldn't find too many details about TouchEarth, but it's an interesting application of the mostly-unknown Google Earth COM API.

I remember that one of the demos of Android (03:54), Google's mobile platform launched in November last year, showed a touch interface for a spinning globe.


  1. In the same spirit, you can watch the Perceptive Pixel's latest demo reel featuring the 8-foot Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall here.

  2. Strong resemblance to Jeff Han's "multi-touch, multi-user screen interface" presented at TED in 2006 (see

    Interesting spin-off application of existing technology!