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June 12, 2008

Export Your Google Calendars

If you created many calendars in Google Calendar and you want to download them so you can view them in a desktop client, there's a simple way to export all the calendars. Just open and you'll get an archive that contains your calendar data.

"In the resulting compressed folder, you'll see an ICS file for each of the calendars to which you have permission to make changes and manage sharing. Note that this method will not export calendars in your Other Calendars list (e.g. public calendars you've added to your list, shared calendars with view access only, etc.)," explains Google.

If you use iGoogle to view your calendars, it's good to know that there's a new version of the Google Calendar Gadget that uses infinite scrolling for the agenda and it shows event descriptions without opening a new page. Like in the previous version of the gadget, you can select multiple calendars to view them on your personalized Google homepage.


  1. So you can export Google Calendars as .ics but Gmail can't recognise .ics files when you get invited to something. Does everyone have this problem?

  2. I have an idea involving google calendar. See it here:

  3. So what or where is the equivalent for the calendar in Google Apps For Your Domain ?

    I've tried various combinations with no luck, so I supsect this is yet another feature absent from GAFYD.

  4. @K Hoadley:

    I think it's pretty obvious. Let's see:

    Google Calendar URL:
    Export URL:

    Google Calendar URL - Google Apps:
    Export URL - Google Apps: ???

    The URL for exporting all calendars in Google Apps is .

  5. Blogger Ionut Alex Chitu said on June 13, 2008 4:22 AM PDT:

    * I think it's pretty obvious.
    * ...
    * The URL for exporting all calendars in Google Apps is
    * .

    I'd already tried that - I got a 404 Not Found. Just spotted I had a typo (exportcalzip rather than exporticalzip), so ... mea culpa

  6. What I'm waiting for in the Calendar app is for an implementation of offline usage similar to that which exists in Google Docs. I don't really want to run two calendar apps (one on the computer, on in the cloud), I want just the one from Google.

    Maybe there's already a way to do this and I'm just missing it. If so, let me know and I'll wipe egg off my face. If not, I hope someone is working on it.

  7. @bgfay until Google implements Gears for Calendar the best option is to sync your Google Calendar with Outlook. Then all your Google Calendar events are in Outlook on your computer as well.

  8. One option for viewing or printing your Google calendar outside of Google is to use a 3rd party App called WinCalendar. WinCalendar is a MS Office (Word or Excel) based calendar maker that supports importing of data from multiple Google Calendar. The calendars are generated in native Word or Excel format & in a variety of formats. From there you can further edit and Print using all the abundant options built into Word & Excel. For download & more info see

  9. If you want to export your Google Calendar to Excel then Gcal2Excel converter is the best. It's free unlike wincalendar. It's a web application and so you don't need to install anything. It's pretty simple and easy!
    You can find it here

  10. We want to export our Google Calendar in monthly block calendar form into Publisher, and print it out in large print as well. We need a monthly calendar format that has large blocks for Sat/Sundays (we are a church).
    I have not sync-ed our Google Cal to Outlook because Sat/Sun blocks in Outlook are very limited and can't be adjusted, same with google Cal. Any ideas?

  11. I'm really tiring of the WinCalendar SPAM that's clogging up these discussion. Note that WinCalendar MAY work...but only for 4 days for free (Google gives you 10!)...and even paying for it will get you only 31.

  12. If anyone's interested, I've written a tiny Mac app to export Google calendar data. It's called GCal2CSV and you can get it here:


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