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June 26, 2008

Google Lists Your Reviews

Google gathers all your comments and reviews from services like iGoogle, Google Maps, Google Base, Google 3D Warehouse and lists them at .

The list of reviews is public, but to get a permalink you need to know your user ID. Here's an example of public reviews page that mostly includes ratings for models from 3D Warehouse. One way to get a permalink for your reviews is to post a comment at Google 3D Warehouse and copy the link displayed next to your comment.

You can visit the discussion threads to read the replies, edit your comments or even delete them. Sorting the reviews by rating could reveal a list of gadgets, places, products or 3D models you found interesting at some point, assuming you took the time to provide feedback.

Google should provide more consolidated interfaces that show data gathered from different services. It would be useful to view and search all your comments from Blogger blogs, get a unified view for all the files uploaded to Google services (Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Google Docs) or search all the starred items, whether they're bookmarks, Google Reader posts, Gmail messages or documents.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, please.
    Google must make something ala "Friendfeed" about ALL my activity logged into Google Accounts (comments on Blogger, Youtube, Picasa, shared Pictures, Docs,...).

  2. I agree with the integration. Honestly, that's what I was hoping for with using Google, that one day everything would be very integrated, not just with a user ID. For example, Blogger is integrating Google Analytics. It already integrated Picassa, sort of, for picture uploading. It would be awesome to access other services more directly, like Picassa in Gmail for picture attachments or HTML images.

    One idea I thought was kicking was that Facebook and other social services are a poor replacement for an address book. Wouldn't it be cool to access Facebook (although not owned by Google... yet) right from your email contact list? Isn't that what it's for, really? If you want to communicate with someone, shouldn't that all be in one place (e.g., Google Talk in Gmail)? Maybe they could bring in Orkut (blah...).

  3. So this won't show up there? ;-)

  4. hate the new homepage, hate it, hate it, hate it. Give me back control of tabs, please.

  5. hate the Home tab on the left. if i can't get rid of it i'll stop using iGoogle.

  6. Just wanted to say that Google chrome is the best !!!!!!!

  7. Subject -The new icon that appears in the web address. The icon is part of the "know" of Google. By "know" it is referred to as the connection that consumers express in what they know about a company. The recent change has been less than expressive, detracts from the touch and feel, the best things need not change. bj

  8. I hate google it won't even let me print out my map, even when I press on it for an hour, even when I dunk the mouse in toilet water, and banged it against the door, google is for b******s

  9. @Anonymous:
    What kind of map would you like to print? Google Maps has a "Print" option for almost all the maps that are available: satellite imagery, street view, custom maps, directions etc.

  10. when will i be able to use AIM on my google homepage?
    i have to keep my gmail and my igoogle both open, it's annoying

  11. I hate the HOME section--it's reduntant and wastes space. I know what's there--it's all right in front of me. AND, the colors around the "stuff" boxes don't really match whatever theme I choose. I want to choose my own colors for my homepage, not rely on the colors Google thinks match the theme. I have the tulips right now, and the greens kind of match, but not perfectly.

  12. Don't need to aggregate all review and comment can separate by category,all the time mix will be to general for the search engine placement.

  13. i dislike igoogle. it is anoying. it is always popping up and i always click the regular google it finally goes back to normal. there is no reson for igoogle. you can find all the same information on google!

  14. i think that its hard enough to set up an email account. all i want to do is look for a job and i can't because i dont have a email account. then try to set up one and get asked more question than a bank.

  15. let's go back to the days when computers were non existant. hey im old. as a matter of fact im upstairs trying to figure this shit out on my sons computer. guess im stuped cause im actually talking to it.

  16. what is google home income? is it a scam

  17. While we hear so much about google, it might be great for those already in business. What about startups or the average datadriven small site?

    I have had NOTHING but failure in getting seen or beling able to complete. I find they have made it very hard for so many creating a huge additional budget just for processing your site through google!
    Now, we all are exspected to go to google college just to have our site seen in a search engine and pay or train someone to constantly have CE "Just for Google?

    Isn't this again, the same effects; attemping to take OVER the market in an unfair pratice like microsoft was accused of?

  18. How do we dispute a review? Someone posted one based on their opinion, but not fact and now that review is up for the world to see and I have no way to challenge that.

  19. Yeah reviews are an attempt to help the other user to buy any stuff on internet.I helps by giving the opinions from various users who experience that product.I have an experience with a recovery tool called Stellar Phoenix Macintosh.I was in a need of a Mac recovery application as i lost my data, when i Google i find good review from this product and then it makes me easy to trust and buy this software.

  20. Not to sure if my review will get read here in the jungle..But here we have it..!!!

    Im sighned in then you would think that theres no problem...WRONG.

    Even if i try the most simple search, like it just throws me out & goes back to home page.

    Now iv got the pretty home page (Not the standard white page)
    But where you can have a pic of u chioce.

    If it comes dwn 2 my settings then fine..
    But if i log out, theres no problem.


  21. Hi
    I think Google is broken and all they fixed was the pay per click part of it all the keyword tools i use for my sites don't work no more and
    the company's are giving them away as free gifts
    for buying memberships to there advertising site
    which can rang from 50 - 60 a month. Like they say
    If you don't have an e commerce site Google will not work (learn pay per click and lose your money)

  22. Google must try sorting out its server business. Since 1 month what ever i explore in Google, sorry message comes.

    Secondly, Google should improve the Google buzz as its a bit boring but useful in connecting to many people.

    Google should make another tool of book marking pages directly in the results of google.

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  25. May 2012 - Google has really crossed the line this time. They silently converted all online reviews that one previously submitted using a unique, anonymous name to now show up with your REAL name. The only option I see on my smartphone is to mark them "private" ... however, prior to noticing this silent act, all comments were fully public.

    WTF google - no "opt-in" or advanced notice for such a public change?! I am truly growing tired of all things google...

    Here's how to delete them:

    1. Using your computer (not mobile device), go to
    2. Search for the location for which you previously submitted a review.
    3. Click the location marker for more options.
    4. Click the link which reads "# reviews"
    5. Scroll to your review and click DELETE.

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