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June 7, 2008

Google and Euro 2008

Google shows a special OneBox with the latest results from Euro 2008, the European Football Championship. The OneBox is displayed only if you use the localized Google sites from the participating countries. You can search for [euro 2008] to see the next two matches or [euro 2008 country_name] for the most recent scores.

There's also a page titled 23 days that links to a map of the stadiums and an iGoogle gadget with live results, standings and news.

And if the increasingly frequent Google doodles still mean something to you, the Euro 2008 doodle marked the first day of the championship.


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  2. I was testing something in Google Docs and the document was posted to
    the wrong blog.

  3. To Ionut Alex Chitu: It's good, that there where only phone number and not some passwords and other =))

  4. That's not my phone number. It was just a random text.

  5. 555 is a safe fictitious prefix number often used in movies so it's safe to use as test data :)

  6. The tld of Portugal is pt, es is for Spain. Just in case you did not know ;)

  7. I knew that and I don't see any problem with my example.

    You Can see Google euro 08 logo this site

  9. the gadget is broken for two days now. will you fix it?

  10. It's good. I just found this 10 days ago...
    Thanks for sharing! :-)


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