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June 11, 2008

Edit Google's Mobile Homepage

Google's mobile homepage, available at, lets you add some of the gadgets from iGoogle: feeds, weather, stocks, Gmail and few other gadgets. While the homepage can be edited from your mobile phone, the interface is pretty difficult to use and it requires a lot of clicks. Now you can customize the mobile homepage from iGoogle's settings: rearrange the gadgets, delete the ones you don't use or add other mobile-compatible gadgets from your iGoogle page.

A better mobile version of iGoogle, optimized for iPhone, can be found at This version includes all the gadgets from your iGoogle page and preserves many features from the desktop iGoogle.


  1. can you use the iphone google on a windows mobile os?

  2. @bux-mont: Nope, I just tried.

  3. And the WinMo version of iGoogle is so scaled down that it's pretty much useless (I don't want Betty Crocker's Recipe of the Day --I want my d**n Google Reader).


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