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June 30, 2008

Google Photos?

Launched in 2006 as an online extension of the Picasa photo management application, Picasa Web Albums didn't become very popular, as Flickr continued to grow. Besides lacking a community of photography enthusiasts and leaving out a lot of basic features like stats or adding a photo to favorites, Picasa Web Albums is not a great name and many might not even know that Google has a photo sharing service.

There are many references in Picasa Web's code which show that the service will change its name to Google Photos. The navigation bar already uses "Photos" as an anchor text, there's a Google Photos Screensaver and the service's blog is titled Google Photos Blog.

Other upcoming features referenced in the code include content licensing options, uploading photos by email and tagging people in your photos.


  1. Adicionaly, the link already redirects to picasaweb....

  2. They already have the tagging feature for photos uploaded in Orkut.

  3. It would be handy if they'd implement a way to upload photos from mobile devices (and not just view them).

  4. it is obvious that google wants his part of the "online-photo-communit-cake"

  5. Tagging people, now that's a compelling feature.
    Would that alone make me drag all my photos over from Flickr? Not necessarily.
    Would it be enough to help me evacuate my photos from Facebook?
    You bet.

  6. Also typing in to redirects to

  7. I hope they don't rename the Picasa application "Google Photos".

  8. Picasa Web Albums is the #2 photo sharing site according to Lifehacker readers:

  9. The most recent report I could find about the market share of photo sharing sites is contradictory:

    "Flickr is a powerhouse among stand-alone photo sites, though measurement firm ComScore Media Metrix says social network Facebook attracts more photo sharing than anywhere on the Web."

    Top sites by visitors, in millions (worldwide)
    1. Flickr 44.4
    2. Picasa Web Albums 43.8
    3. Photobucket 42.6
    4. ImageShack 27.8
    5. Fotolog 17.2
    Source: ComScore Media Metrix, March 2008

    Top sites by market share (U.S.)
    Photobucket 38.3%
    Flickr 11.7%
    Kodak Gallery 4.2%
    Shutterfly 2.39%
    Slide 2.36%
    Source: Hitwise, March 2008

  10. Well, they have already had the Photos link in GMail link to picasa web albums for a while.

  11. there are no damn photos so learn what you're doin...this website sux

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