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February 10, 2010

Google Search Options for Q&A Sites

Google tests a new option that lets you restrict the results to Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow or Askville. After enabling "search options", users click on "discussions" and select the "Q&As" category.

Google's smart snippets include some useful information: the number of answers, the date of the most recent answers. Not all question answering sites show the status of a question, but Google is able to detect solved questions.

Depending on your query, you might want to read a brief answer or a detailed response. Google lets you find web pages that include short, medium or long answers.

You can try this feature by changing your Google cookie. Go to and paste this in the address bar:

If you're not in the US and Google redirects you to a different domain, replace with the appropriate domain.

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  1. That's kind of neat. I hope they enable it soon, my privacy policy is to accept all cookies but then to delete all cookies after I exit the browser.


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