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February 1, 2010

Google Video Finds Playlists

Google's video search engine started to index playlists from YouTube and other video sites. Playlists are mixed with standard video search results, but you'll probably find them on the first search results pages if they're relevant.

It's interesting to note that Google's algorithms detect groups of videos even if they aren't called playlists.

"Our intent is to represent the video content of the internet fairly and accurately. We don't give special ranking preference to videos hosted by YouTube or Google Video, nor do we manipulate search results in any way. We believe strongly in allowing the democracy of the Web to determine the inclusion and ranking of videos in our search results. After determining the content of the video using our spidering technology, Google then combines sophisticated text-matching techniques to find videos that are both important and relevant to your search. Our technology examines dozens of aspects of the video's content (including number of hits and rating) to determine if it's a good match for your query," explains Google.


  1. I personally hate the playlists showing up in search results on YouTube. It actually takes me longer to find the video that I want to view. Thus, I really wish there was a way to disable playlists from showing up in the YouTube search results.

    Also, is there any specific reason why Google Video hasn't been deprecated by YouTube?

  2. Google Web Search can find playlists as well in the unprotected subdirectories of web sites.

  3. Very annoying having the play lists show up...

    I really just want the correct video results not what someone else decides to group together. :(

    I too would like to disable it in the settings or something.


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