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February 18, 2010

Tag Clouds for Google Maps Photo Layer

Google Maps has a photo layer that shows high-quality images from Panoramio. Finding photos from almost any place in the world makes Google Maps more useful, but sometimes there are too many photos to choose from.

Now you can filter the photos displayed by Google Maps using the tag cloud generated by Google or using your own query. Restrict the photos to panoramas, landscapes, nature or buildings to create a custom photo layer.

Jonah Jones says that this is not the only improvement: "the photos now appear in piles when there are lots of views of the same scene". That means Google groups related images, so that they don't clutter the map.

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  1. I liked the old way because I could tell what locations were worth visiting based on the density of pictures there. Now I can't differentiate the picturesque from the less picturesque destinations.


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