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February 1, 2010

Star Google News Stories

Google News added a new feature that lets you star news stories. If you click on a star next to a Google News cluster, you'll add it to the Starred section and Google will notify you when it finds related articles.

"When you star a story in Google News, it's one way to let us know that you're interested in that subject. When there are significant updates, we will alert you by putting the headline in bold so you can get more information," mentions Google News blog.

For some reason, Google doesn't add the starred news stories to Google Bookmarks and there's no option to star a news cluster after you open it. Another issue is that the Starred section only includes the most recent 20 starred stories.

I don't know if this is best way to use this feature, but you could star news stories to read them later. If you don't already use Instapaper or Read It Later, starring Google News clusters is a great way to save them for later.


  1. Starred items is a great way to keep track of things as well as a way to give a visual cue that you have taken an action on an item.

    At Factoetum we do this to structured data so that members can create Global Social Graphs that allow them to see items that they and their friends have starred

  2. As a follower of the news across the web l would find this very useful and as and having indexed all my files and added share statistics with Google they have helped me so much with of offering me facilities to make my web experience even better. So sounds a great way to research particular stories.

    Regards, Ian

  3. I actually find it somewhat distracting when scanning the page for headlines. I hope Google will provide an option to turn it off.


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