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February 8, 2010

Google's Super Bowl Ad

Google's search engine didn't become popular because of advertising. Many people liked that it returned relevant results, it was fast and had a simple interface, so they told their friends to try it.

Google rarely used traditional advertising to promote its products, but that started to change in 2007, when Google used billboards to promote GOOG-411. Last year, Google aggressively promoted Chrome using flashy ads.

Despite the noticeable cultural shift, it's still surprising to see that Google decided to promote its search engine at the Super Bowl.

"If you watched the Super Bowl this evening you'll have seen a video from Google called "Parisian Love". In fact you might have watched it before, because it's been on YouTube for over three months. We didn't set out to do a Super Bowl ad, or even a TV ad for search. Our goal was simply to create a series of short online videos about our products and our users, and how they interact. But we liked this video so much, and it's had such a positive reaction on YouTube, that we decided to share it with a wider audience," explains Eric Schmidt.

Google's CEO mentioned in a Twitter message that someone told him: "Hell has indeed frozen over." This is Google's first Super Bowl ad:


  1. I thought it was a great ad. Well done and demonstrating Google's broad functionality.

  2. Wouldn't be better to air an ad about the Nexus One or Chrome instead?
    Like advertising fresh air for people who like the outdoors!

  3. It was the most sensible approach. Great heart.

    They aren't selling a product: but a concept. Aligning the brand with ideas including youth, daring, love and hope.

    What could be more appealing?

  4. "Aligning the brand with ideas of youth, daring, love and hope" ... and they did this during the Superbowl? Waste of money!

    Some products doesn't need these kinds of subliminal targeting. We don't use laundry detergent because we love it, we use it because we need clean clothes.

    Most guys already know about Google and use the search engine daily. Google is the most widely used search engine today. I would instead advertised the Nexus One to tell the audience, in this case men, how they can get up to date sport results to their phone.

  5. @Anonymous There's a lame stereotype if I ever saw one. Sweaty grunting guys aren't the only ones who watch the Super Bowl.

    But if they are, then this is a nice hint-hint for what they should be doing for their sweeties the following weekend. =)

  6. That ad had nothing to do with consumers. A Google rep said they were trying to get advertisers to spend money on Google TV ad campains.

    Why would anyone spend money, if Google doesn't do it themselves?

  7. A really quick (and sweet) introduction to what Google search can do for you. Although since it ends with the sound a newborn... LOL!

  8. Can't wait to see the satire versions

  9. From my blog: Try and look past the sweetness and poignancy. Think for a moment what the aggregation of your Google searches or website crawls says about you.

    How much of your life is revealed by connecting the dots concerning where you go on your computer?

    Logs and records are kept. Your life is well documented, but the documentation is outside your grasp.

    How much of your life do you want revealed by where you go on your computer?

    We need to weigh the cost for everything the Internet brings. Sometimes the costs aren't immediately obvious.

  10. I was very touched by this video because it mirrors the little adventure my wife and I had, except ours was Australia - El Salvador.

    I hope they do more of them between couples of different countries.

  11. This looked a lot like an old Google ad I've seen, but can't recall exactly. Is it just an old ad?

  12. Emotional Borg Theory. They just want us to stop thinking of them as the heartless Borg that's all. That there is a heart under the machine.

  13. The moment with drew brees and his son was soo heart touching iJust couldn't help but 2 cry but with the cruel world iWas surprised that that was so big in the news!!! iLuv u!!!



  14. Gets me choked up. I never saw this ad, but I made a similar one on that Google stories site for MY long distance relationship story. My fiance (in England) loved it.


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