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November 18, 2010

Google's Guide to the Web

Google Chrome's comic book was a great way to introduce to the world a new browser, but not everyone knew what's an URL or a web app. "20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web" is a guidebook created by the Google Chrome team that tries to address this issue by explaining complicated terms like "Internet", "cloud computing", "JavaScript", "HTML5", "cookies", "URL", "IP address" using illustrations and real life analogies. Here's an example:

"An IP address is a series of numbers that tells us where a particular device is on the Internet network, be it the server or your computer. It's a bit like mom's phone number: just as the phone number tells an operator which house to route a call to so it reaches your mom, an IP address tells your computer which other device on the Internet to communicate with — to send data to and get data from."

The guidebook is actually a great example of an HTML5 web application that works offline and Google recommends to read it in "Chrome or any up-to-date, HTML5-compliant modern browser". Most of the examples from the book are about Google Chrome and that's what makes it look like a Chrome ad.


  1. Ironically, I couldn't open the site in Chrome unless I went to incognito mode--it must have clashed with one of my extensions!

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  3. thats a cool web, and veri usefully...
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  4. The html5 stuff doesn't seem to work well on the iPad, though. That's a bit disappointing.

  5. This HTML5 book doesn't seem to work for me. I tried Chrome, Opera, and Firefox 4 beta. What is going on?!?

  6. Very nice and useful. What kind of framework did they use?

  7. Okay google co-op'ed with FI. No public frmaework :-(

  8. Great Work by Chrome Team.You have explained complex terms in great way and great preview of HTML5 capabilities.


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