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November 4, 2010

Mobile Google Instant

Google Instant is now available for mobile phones, but it's not enabled by default. If you visit Google's homepage using an iPhone running iOS4 or an Android Froyo phone, you can enable the feature by clicking on "Turn on" next to "Instant (beta) is off".

Google Instant should be useful on a mobile phone, especially if it doesn't have a hardware keyboard. When typing popular queries, it's amazing to see that Google predicts your searches from the first few letters.

Unfortunately, the mobile version of Google Instant doesn't have all the benefits of the desktop version. Since the virtual keyboard covers most of the screen, you can't see the search results until you hide the keyboard. Another issue is that you can't press Tab to use Google's prediction and continue to type your query. Google Instant doesn't work well if you use a mobile Internet connection because of the high latency.

Google says that you should notice "a big improvement in speed when you search thanks to a new AJAX and HTML5 implementation for mobile that dynamically updates the page with new results and eliminates the need to load a new page for each query. Google Instant for mobile works best on 3G and WiFi networks, but since the quality of any wireless connection can fluctuate, we've made it easy to enable or disable Google Instant without ever leaving the page".


  1. I guess they will be rolling it out little by little. It's not showing on mine (based in New York).

  2. I think google instant is not that much usefull, but it is great computing.

    - John Devos
    Magento Themes

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  4. Google Instant is very use full because users don't have much time to search the keywords or other information's

  5. Instant is a nice feature on Google web search but on Google mobile search it turns into a HUGE time saver, especially for relatively slow typers like myself.

  6. I agree with John. In computing it is different but when you are using touch screen its different as u accidently end up hitting another key but in any case once u get used to it it will be widely liked :)

  7. It is giving us an hint for futur of search which will more like think and done.

    - Tanya
    Web Designers

  8. How can I enable it on Google Chrome?


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