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November 30, 2010

Most Shared Section in Google News

Google News has a new section that lists the most shared articles. It's not clear if Google counts the number of people who used the sharing feature from Google News or tracks the references from Twitter and other social sites, but Google's chart is not very reliable. When I started to write this post, the most popular news article was a story about Google's Groupon acquisition that has been shared by 2,189 people.

15 minutes later, the most popular article was a NASA press release shared by 10,893 people.

{ Thanks, Cougar Abugado. }


  1. For the change, couldn't the NASA item have become popular around that time? I didn't start seeing the NASA thing a lot until about 2 hours ago (5:00 eastern).

    When did you write this post?

  2. Odd; if you share one of those items with Twitter (the little down arrow), it does not shorten the link. The other normal stories do with the shortener.

  3. I think someone's messing with you, Alex. I'm failing to even spot NASA on my top 10. Let alone 10k shares. On the other hand, I think most of my top 10 are pretty similar to yours.

    Maybe Google is still working out some bugs on the feature, as you suggest.

  4. It seem this a other little move forward towards Google me an google social project.

    Anyone reckon it only a matter of time before google new shows what your friends has been reading.

  5. I think they include some new and trill feature in this new section.if they can't so they lose readers

  6. Google is gaining share, a 0.7 point increase, accounting for 66.1 percent of the market.


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