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November 23, 2010

Google's Thanksgiving Doodle

Google's doodles were special because they linked to search results pages, instead of linking to handpicked pages. Some doodles promoted Google services, so they sent users to special landing pages, but all the other doodles linked to regular results pages. That's not the case for Google's Thanksgiving doodle, which promotes a Google page with Thanksgiving recipes from Ina Garten.

"This Thanksgiving holiday, we are grateful for many things: family, friends, and of course, food. Just in time for the big day, beloved cookbook author and TV chef Ina Garten offers everyone six simple yet delicious recipes to make one of the year's biggest dinner parties as easy as, well, pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Cooking!"

Barry Schwartz notes that "it is uncommon for Google to offer pre-holiday logos" and that "the logo promotes a person without that person celebrating a birthday or anniversary".


  1. Nice another idea and alternative.
    But why Google don't use WebFont for the recipe's title and then change it if the user don't use Modern Browser? That's the question.

  2. this is a piece of crap. google is a sellout for doing this. 1. you cant even tell the "doodle" says google at all. 2. its not a doodle if they're just f***ing pictures. 3. thursday nov 23, 2010, thanksgiving day, is not in any way related to ina garten. she has no significant accomplishments and this specific date is wholly unrelated to any great milestone of hers (birth, death, anniversary of some historic achievement, of which there are none, since she is an insignificant person). Essentially, google is willing to compromise the standards and purpose of its beloved doodles (to commemorate milestones and anniversaries of great people) for a nice sum of money from opportunistic companies hoping to make a few bucks.

  3. I agree with you, the google "doodle" makes no sense at all. The only reason I found this blog is because the moment I saw this years google Thanksgiving "doodle" I had to chuckle because it hardly represents anything close to legible, let alone creative. I think that kindergarteners' hand print art made to look like a turkey is more original than this. I don't like how it feels that they are trying to lead people into a specific individuals concept of what a thansgiving dinner should be like either. I'm really disappointed with google's decision this year.

  4. I liked the recipes and made one of them.


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