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November 9, 2010

Upload HD Videos to Picasa Web Albums

One of the benefits of switching to YouTube's player in Picasa Web Albums was the support for higher quality videos. Now you can even upload HD videos to Picasa Web Albums.

"We're happy to now support uploading high-definition (HD) videos, up to 720p, from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums. Whereas before you could upload, store, and share videos shot in 240 or 360p, now you can do the same for your 480p and 720p (HD) videos too."

Here's an example of HD video uploaded to Picasa Web Albums. It's less than 3 minutes long and it uses almost half of the free storage quota.

Unfortunately, Picasa Web's new feature would be much more useful if you could upload videos from your browser. Right now, you can only upload videos from Picasa.

While YouTube lets you upload videos up to 2 GB, Picasa Web's free storage quota for all your photos and videos is 1 GB. Of course, YouTube lets you upload videos without installing an additional software.

Another issue is that Picasa Web Albums doesn't offer per-file permissions, so you can't share a video without sharing the entire album.

These are just some of the reasons why YouTube is a much better service for sharing videos than Picasa Web Albums.


  1. But if you use Picasa Web Albums you don't need an aditional Youtube account.

  2. Yeah I dont get it.
    They really should upload all the videos to youtube directly, set the permissions, and embed it to the picasaweb album

  3. It has the "Download Photo" link disabled. You'd think that if this is for sharing with family/friends, then there would be a download capability. Perhaps there's a GreaseMonkey script - the same as for YouTube download.

    YouTube still supports 1080p (and above -> 4K video).

  4. Google seriously needs to fix Picasa. It is their worst service, and it don't get so much better.

    Get a new team, do whatever needs to be done. It is not even close to compete with flickr.

  5. Nice improvement; I often record a few short videos along with all the pictures I take for a photo album, and not having to upload the videos separately is a plus. But I might still need to do so for videos that I want to embed somewhere -- this doesn't appear to be supported by Picasa yet.

  6. Picasa MUST accept all movies type : avi, mpg, etc. Videos made with my Panasonic Lumix LX3 are not in Picasa :o !
    I 'd have to convert them !!
    Unacceptable for a media organiser like Picasa software / web !!!

  7. Please google, enable uploading from browser !

    I use Ubuntu and can't upload any video to my webs albums (that i pay for, not free free account!)

  8. Yes, Google really needs to pay attention to their Picasa/Picasaweb project. This project needs to either be canceled or get the most basic of features taken care of. Somebody needs to take a step back and re-evaluate Picasaweb's existence. I mean, you can't even organize/browse your stuff with any manner of common sense. It ain't like us users haven't been begging for a LONG time about this, without EVER hearing the slightest thing back from any Googlers about any of it:

  9. I uploaded some video to picasa, but I can't embed to my website :(
    Anyone can help me?


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