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November 16, 2010

Google Goggles-Enabled Ads

Google tests a way to monetize Goggles, the mobile application for visual search. "A year ago, Google introduced a smartphone application that lets users take photos of objects and get search results in return. The company will take that capability into the world of marketing with an experiment allowing five [US] brands to use the application in their promotional materials". Here are the five brands that are part of the experiment: Buick, Delta, Diageo, Disney and T-Mobile.

Android and iPhone users in the US will be able to scan the magazine ads for Buick Regal, T-Mobile G2 and the movie posters for Disney's "Tron: Legacy" to find more information from the official sites.

Michael Slinger, Google's head of mobile search advertising sales in North America, says that "it's a learning experiment for us more than an opportunity to make money," but it could be another reason to use Google Goggles.


  1. Monetizing. The big mystery of the internets. :D

  2. I don't understand. Doesn't Goggles do this already for free? Now companies will have to pay for it?

  3. Ha ha ha! They slapped a android sticker on the iPhone!?! Why not just use android phones?

  4. @Anonymous:

    Goggles uses a database of images, web pages and objects, but it can't always show useful information. This experiment associates a small number of images (magazine ads, banners, movie posters) with web pages that provide more information about the images.

  5. You are right that google uses database of images, web pages and objects but I am not agree with you that it is not providing useful information. I have always found useful information and you also can but we just need to find it. The video you have shared over here is really nice and interesting to watch.

  6. Goggles should be included in all distributions of Android. It's too awesome.

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