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November 17, 2010

Yahoo Search Clues

Yahoo launched a new service that shows information about the volume of searches, popular queries and demographic information about users. It's called Yahoo Clues and it's similar to Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. Unlike Google's services, Yahoo Clues is limited to the US and it only shows information for the past 30 days.

"With Yahoo Clues, you can discover and compare trending information for search terms of interest to you, or explore popular trending search terms on Yahoo. You can see search volume charts, demographic graphs, maps, or even related searches specific to a demographic group. We're also experimenting with an interesting feature called Search Flow, which offers a unique look at people's search patterns and the next most probable search term people try after searching for a query," informs Yahoo.

For example, if you compare the queries [Google Buzz] and [Google Reader], you'll notice that Google Reader is much more popular than Google Buzz, it's not very popular with teens, but it's very popular with women, which is rather peculiar.


  1. Hmmm, you can't compare popularity with that. I use Google reader everyday, but I never searched for it in a search engine. I only searched it once, and I'm using it since. I'm guessing everybody else is the same.

    So the search term might indicate the new people who're trying Google reader.

  2. To Gezegond:
    You are right for most of the time, but I know some people still use the search engine to go to website like "hotmail" even they could just type:!
    So I think it is difficult to conclude.


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