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March 3, 2011

Google Tests Enhanced Suggestions

Google's search suggestions are useful, but they're only displayed if many people search for them. If you type a "long tail" query, Google doesn't show suggestions and can't even finish the words you type.

Adam Harris, a reader of this blog, noticed that Google tests an enhanced version of Google Suggest that autocompletes words. For example, if you search for [javascript eval] and you add "conca" to your query, Google doesn't normally show suggestions. The new version of Google Suggest autocompletes the word you started to type and guesses that you wanted to use the word "concatenate".

Note: the first screenshot also shows a feature of a Chrome extension for Evernote.

{ Thanks, Adam. }


  1. It's alive, Google can think now ;-). Honestly, i'm amazed on how Google's search engine has evolved since I first started using it.

    Now, if only Google could do the shopping and other mundane routine for me, boy would I love 'em.

  2. Its a concoction of Google Scribes and Google Suggest.

  3. They can sometimes become slightly annoying as sometimes its completely unrelated


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