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March 10, 2011

Google's Homepage Promotes Gmail

Google's homepage has briefly displayed a promotional message that encouraged visitors to try Gmail: "Switch to Gmail. Free email from Google". The message linked to a page titled "Welcome to Gmail" that shows some of the advantages of using Gmail: lots of space, mobile access, less spam, labels and search.

"Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. Creating an account is quick and free."

The page doesn't include a Gmail screenshot, a video that shows Gmail in action, but it invites visitors to create an account.


  1. Why Google did it "briefly" ?

  2. Invite you to create an account...? More like force you, if you use YouTube. I was forced to link my youtube and gmail accounts, or create another account. I don't really want my gmail and youtube accounts linked.

  3. The part of the image that really jumped out at me was that blue padlock and "beta" tucked in. I've never seen that before on the Google logo, although I had read that in addition to HTTPS access, there would be SSL (secured socket layer) too.

    But I have the same question as Bob, two comments up. Why did Google only do this "briefly"?

  4. The padlock and the "beta" are there because the screenshot is ftom the encrypted version of Google search ( or

    As to the "briefly", I have the same question.

  5. I assumed that the message was displayed briefly because I couldn't find other posts that mentioned this unexpected promo. The screenshot is from Google's cache and the information is from a Page2RSS feed.

  6. it's more than difficult now to reach the "sign in" page that allowed easy access to one's e-mail inbox. I have created a second gmail address and I'm automatically diverted towards THAT one whereas I created the second one for a valid reason and need to access it quickly without automatically being sent to the first one each time. How does one reach the SIGN IN page now please ? This is frustrating.
    Apart from that, I LOVE the new interface (bigger spaces between the messages, bigger font, clearer presentation) except for the fact that the messages are still against a white background, tiring for the eyes after a full week's work at the computer. After 30 years on a computer, I'd appreciate the visual rest a bit darker shade would provide.
    Thanks in advance for your attention to this note.


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