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March 19, 2011

Quickly Edit Google Calendar Events

You no longer have to double click on a Google Calendar event to edit its name. Now you can just click on the event's name and quickly edit it from the description balloon.

{ Thanks, Maarten. }


  1. Unfortunatly you still can't edit date and localisation of your event :(.
    This 'd be usefull for all users and certainly very easy to do for a googler :-). . .
    When your mouse is on a name, this 'd link to his google profile. Again, Google must improve connections between his services : this is really a Google weakness.

  2. I hate how you can't set the default calendar, and also how Google cal can't remember the last calendar you selected.

  3. Bob

    I completly agree, google does this poorly and will almost certainly need to get its act together before Circles or Google me is launch.

    But Google Calender always felt a bit neglected to me. It certainly not the most developed or cutting edge of Google technologies. Frankly I would not be surprise that what little improvements we get are from 20% projects rather than a real development team.

  4. I wonder what some people expect from a calender sometimes lol.
    I use it for work, social, holidays, shiftpatterns, tv shows, general reminders, tasks, football fixtures, F1 fixtures and of course the mandatory Birthdays, anniversaries etc. Sometimes it's just easier to spend 2 or 3 minutes learning how to do it rather than 30 seconds complaining about something trivial. Just my thoughts :D

  5. Please tell me how I can add photos to my calendar event. I teach classes and I want to add pictures of the projects to the events.
    Thank you


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